The Importance of Mouthguards: Safeguarding Your Smile with Guidance from the Australian Dental Association Victoria

Dear Patients, this is Dr Cristina,

Your smile is a valuable asset, and protecting it is paramount. One way to ensure your teeth and jaws stay safe, especially during sports or activities with the risk of oral injury, is by using mouthguards. The Australian Dental Association Victoria (ADAV) recognises the significance of mouthguards and advocates for their use to safeguard oral health.

1. Protection Against Dental Injuries:

Mouthguards serve as a protective barrier for your teeth, soft tissues, and jaw. The ADAV strongly recommends their use during contact sports, such as football, basketball, and martial arts. These sports often involve sudden impacts or collisions, making oral injuries a real risk. A well-fitted mouthguard absorbs the force of the impact, reducing the chances of chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth and preventing lacerations to the lips and tongue.

2. Prevention of Jaw Injuries:

Mouthguards also protect your jaw by cushioning it against trauma. A blow to the jaw can result in fractures or dislocations, which can be painful and require extensive treatment. A properly fitted mouthguard, as advised by the ADAV, can help prevent such injuries.

3. Preserving Orthodontic Work:

For individuals undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces or other appliances, mouthguards are essential. They protect not only the teeth but also the investment you’ve made in your orthodontic care. A blow to the mouth during sports or other activities can damage braces or other devices. The ADAV recommends custom-fitted mouthguards designed to accommodate orthodontic appliances.

4. Reducing the Risk of Concussions:

There is growing evidence that mouthguards may help reduce the risk of concussions in contact sports. Although more research is needed in this area, the potential benefits make it clear that mouthguards are a vital piece of safety equipment.

5. Custom-Fit for Maximum Comfort and Protection:

The ADAV advises getting custom-made mouthguards from your dentist. These mouthguards are tailored to fit your mouth precisely, providing superior comfort and protection compared to over-the-counter alternatives. Custom-fitted mouthguards are less likely to slip or impede breathing, ensuring you can perform at your best while staying safe.

6. The Importance of Regular Check-Ups:

It’s crucial to remember that mouthguards, like any dental appliance, require regular maintenance and replacement. The ADAV suggests having your dentist check your mouthguard during regular dental visits to ensure it is still effective and safe to use.

Mouthguards are an important component of protecting your oral health, and the Australian Dental Association Victoria supports their use. Whether you or your child is involved in sports or activities with a risk of dental injury, investing in a well-fitted mouthguard is a small step that can make a substantial difference in preserving your smile and overall oral health.

Don’t wait until an injury occurs – take proactive steps to protect your oral health today with the help of mouthguards. At Surrey Hills Family Dental Clinic we get our technician to build custom fitted mouthguards. We supply these to you at cost, because we believe that they are very important for your oral health.




Custom made mouthguards are available for all our patients in Surrey Hills, Mont Albert, Mont Albert North, Balwyn, North Balwyn, Canterbury, Box Hill, Box Hill South, Box Hill North, Camberwell, Hawthorn and surrounding areas of Melbourne, Victoria.