At Surrey Hills Family Dental Clinic we practice preventive dentistry for children. We believe that a child with a healthy mouth has a better chance of general health.

Dental conditions can interfere with eating and adequate nutritional intake, speaking, self-esteem, and daily activities. Severe decay can affect growth and development. Children with dental pain may be unable to concentrate in school. A healthy mouth is more attractive, giving children confidence in their appearance. Finally, preventive dentistry can result in less extensive and less expensive treatment for your child.

At Surrey Hills Family Dental Clinic we believe that preventive dentistry begins with the first tooth. Daily cleaning of the teeth should begin as soon as the first tooth erupts. Parents should bring their child for a dental visit at the eruption of the first tooth or no later than 12 months of age. Early dentist visits are the foundation for a lifetime of good dental healthcare. The earlier the dental visit, the better the chance of preventing dental disease.

At Surrey Hills Family Dental Clinic your dentist has a number of treatments and strategies to provide preventive care.

The preventative dental services we provide include:

  • regular dental check-ups
  • teeth cleaning and polishing
  • fluoride treatments application of sealants to protect your child from tooth decay
  • provide custom made mouth guards to prevent sports injuries
  • proper nutrition and dietary habits
  • brushing and flossing
  • assessing risk for developing cavities
  • early detection of crowding and prompt orthodontic referral as required
  • dental health education

Please allow us to help ensure your child has a happy smile for life; today.